About Us

Company History

Community Fiber Solutions was born out of a necessity to improve communications in Rural America. Our local footprint was struggling to gain the same access to the world as Urban America. 80% of our citizens live in Urban America. This leaves 20% of our population yearning for better access to Internet and the technologies that Internet brings. So, through strategic partnerships with private businesses and local governments, CFS was born. Our goal is to "light Rural America". Over the past three years we've followed through with a promise to connect our footprint to Urban America. As CFS expands its service area, Urban and Rural America merge as one.

Why Fiber?

The physical properties of fiber optic cable are inherently efficient and secure. Fiber optic cable is made from glass and is unaffected by the elements of Mother Nature. Moisture, electricity and corrosion don't affect fiber optic cabling. Only light travels across fiber, making it safe and secure. Unlike its predecessor, fiber is unlimited in today's world. CFS has built a state-of-the-art fiber backbone infrastructure. Our network is known as a non-active network. Customers inside the network can be supplied with a single fiber that transports services from CFS headquarters to their direct site. This enables us to supply services via fiber generated right here. CFS has 3 separated power supplies that generate this light. This simply means providing backup power at customer location. Fiber is the way of the future. Join us as we define our road to the future.

Internet Policies