Adams County Government

“When we first heard of CFS in Adams County we were excited to hear that there was another option for internet and network services. We had been a user of fixed wireless for many years due to the cost of very expensive services from the local telephone company and the cable provider did not have any services to meet our needs. Since we have had the service from CFS it has been nothing short of exceptional. The price and speeds are phenomenal. One thing we can’t say enough about is their customer service. It is great having someone on the other end of the phone that is local and you can get a hold of when you need them most.” – IT Director for Adams County, Indiana

The Jay School Corporation

“CFS has worked on many projects including the upgrading and delivery of fiber optic cable to the majority of schools in The Jay School Corporation. This has greatly increased our speed and ability of students to become technically divergent. The increased bandwidth helped our testing program and for the last two years we have experienced little to no outages like other schools in Indiana have experienced. As a community partner, CFS donated $10,000 to Jay School Corporation for a new computer Lab at East Elementary. CFS, along with partners from Dasan Networks, helped to make the new lab a reality. This lab helped to deliver instruction that was necessary for the students to be able to have access to the technology necessary to continue their high achievement. As a friend to the district, CFS continues to aid us in our delivery and research and development on what the future will hold for technology. The relationship between CFS and The Jay School Corporation is more than just a business transaction… it is a partnership based upon the future of students in Jay County, Indiana.” – Tim Long, Ed.D., Superintendent | Brad DeRome, Business Manager

FCC (Indiana) & FCC (Adams)

“Since the mid-1990s, small towns in Indiana like Portland and Berne have struggled with securing High-Speed / Broadband Internet services. This has limited what businesses like FCC (Indiana) and FCC (Adams) have been able to accomplish utilizing the Internet and/or direct plant-to-plant connectivity options. The “big business” providers could handle our growing needs, but the options were always cost prohibitive, so businesses like ours were forced to live with low bandwidth and/or non-business class service (non-SLA) options just to meet our minimal Internet needs. Then along came CFS. While headquartered in Portland, IN their fiber circuits are big time, high quality business class offerings with top notch technical specifications. If we have a problem, I know the people we’re calling. This is a huge differentiator when comparing services to the offerings from other corporate providers; with CFS it is truly a partnership level venture. The bottom line; their quality of products are high, their customer service is local and knowledgeable, and their prices are affordable. FCC currently utilizes CFS provided Internet fiber circuits at Portland and Berne as well as “dark fiber” direct connectivity between our two plants. Performance has been outstanding, even beyond our expectations, and installation services were on-time and professional. I’m thankful for CFS being in our community, and I would highly recommend their Internet & direct connectivity fiber solutions.” – Michael Hunt, IT Manager